Functions of the company belonging to
Economic Area

The Strategic Insight Analysis department ensures the processing of accurate and periodic reports supporting Business Intelligence activities and Customer Intelligence, through the gathering, the analysis and the distribution of data.

At the Information Technology department, Roche strategy is merged with technological tendencies for the benefit of all the sectors of our activity. In collaboration with colleagues from all over the world, we create communication tools and corporate systems to promote and simplify a seamless global cooperation, within our network and towards external agencies.
The Finance department deals with planning, reporting and controlling through innovative approaches and in respect of the highest qualitative standards. We drive strategic and risky decisions and we support the Group performance by means of both highly efficient processes and services.

Our passion drives us in the development of innovative products and solutions every day. To make sure that our patients do benefit from our products, it is fundamental that health workers are given correct scientific information. This is why Marketing is a strategic department in Roche, to ensure that our success and our progress are conveyed effectively.

The Human Resources department contributes to the business success by developing an environment where each one feels respected, appreciated for the contribution provided and has the chance to grow, fully exploiting their own potential. We care for our people; this is the reason why we work to create an environment that is positive for their development and their growth, where everybody feels enhanced, appreciated and free to express their own opinions.

The strategic department of Market Access aims at assuring patients of the access to innovative medicines, today and tomorrow without delays or regional differences. The department endeavours to find all the elements promoting access, adoption and recognition of the value of a medicine on the market, guaranteeing the system’s sustainability.

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